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Agriculture in Person County

Person County has a long and rich Agricultural heritage. Today, Person County farmers grow a variety of crops, including tobacco, corn, wheat, soybeans, rye, barley, oats, vegetables, and fruits. Farmers also grow cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, poultry, and goats, plus the hay and forages needed to support animal agriculture. Today’s farm operators consider market trends and consumer demands when deciding what crops or livestock to produce. This has led to a diverse agricultural landscape in Person County – and a stronger agricultural economy.

Cash receipts for Person County Farmers totaled over $57 million in 2014, with tobacco providing 48% of those cash receipts. Demand for locally grown produce and fruits continues to grow, with receipts for those crops topping $1.75 million. 

Forestry is a major force in the county, with over 51% of the county covered by forests. Economic impact from the forest industry in Person County is over $65 million.

Person County has land designated as Prime Agricultural Land, with less development pressure than many other North Carolina Counties. Since keeping these lands in agriculture is extremely important, Person County is developing Farmland Preservation Plan which will help guide agricultural, business, and residential growth and development in ways that are most beneficial to each sector, and to Person County.

Agriculture and forestry is visible along major highways and back roads across the county. People can find fresh vegetables and produce at roadside stands and at the Person County Farmer’s Market located at 606 N. Madison Boulevard. The market is open seasonally on Wednesday afternoons from 3 pm to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to noon.

Person County’s 228,053 acres of farm and forest land, and 395 farms comprise a significant portion of the county economy. They also provide some of the best scenery and natural beauty found anywhere, as our farms provide significant contributions to environmental conservation and wildlife.

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